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Tile Flooring

Stone Tile Floors

Here at Designer Floor Fashions you'll find a wide selection of Tile Flooring. We offer standard Ceramic Tile as well as Porcelain and Natural Stone to match any refined or artistic taste. Stone tile offers unmatched versatility in durability, design and applications. The strength of the fired clay sheets makes it an apt floor for outdoor environments as well as low-to-high trafficked areas in your home such as the kitchen or entrance way.

Types of Tile

Ceramic Tile is fire hardened sheets of clay that can incorporate a range of other materials to alter weather resistance, durability, color and texture. Generally Ceramic Tiles are coated and glazed with a glass finish that protects the surface and pattern of the sheet. Although highly durable, if chipped or cracked the tile may reveal the sheet color underneath the patterned glaze.

Porcelain Tile is constructed from compressed porcelain clay and fired in a kiln. Like Ceramics, Porcelains are extremely durable and even denser providing a floor that is well equipped to withstand areas with moisture and freezing. Porcelain Tiles come in a full bodied sheet where the color of the tile on the surface is featured through the entire thickness of the sheet. This is highly desirable because this feature makes them a top contender for a floor that is wear-proof.

Your Style, Your imagination

Natural Stone and Tiles can bring life to a room. Your imagination is the limit for designing stylish borders, backsplashes, and elegant bathrooms. Tiles have the possibility to come in a wide range of patterns, and sizes that make them an excellent way to add character and a sense of novelty.

Tile Flooring Product Lines


At Daltile, we never want to have to compromise your design in order to protect the remarkable designs that nature has provided for our inspiration.

American Olean

American Olean has a style and fit for every home.

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